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I have some new Christmas greeting card designs that are now available at the Card Factory in the UK. You can check them out here along with my other range of birthday card designs.

I have two Christmas card designs that are hand lettered (one of these is below), and two that have editable text, so you can personalise specifically for the person you are sending it to. My kids always love receiving a card that has their name on it, it is such a fun idea!

It’s always nice to receive a Christmas card in the post, I love to see all the different styles, colours and lettering, and they are always a great source of inspiration. Do you keep you cards for your mood/inspiration boards? The design below uses classic Christmas colours of greens and red, with a touch of gold and pink, but my other designs are a little bit brighter, with fun Christmas trees in vibrant red and deep forest green with pops of peach and purple, and another with icy blues.

What are your favourite Christmas colours? Do you prefer the classic colours, or something a little different? My tree decorations are colourful jewel tones of red, orange, pink and purple, it really brightens up the space, and I love being a little different.

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I love to create fun and colourful designs to make everyone smile. If you are an art director or buyer and would like to see my full portfolio of designs, please get in touch with Sarah at sarah@sazerelli.com.

Have a great week, and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

Sarah xx

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