Valentine’s Patterns

Looking for some patterns, lettering or illustrations for your brand? Here is a small snippet of surface designs by Sazerelli Designs.

Hello, and thanks for stopping by to view my Valentine’s patterns! My name is Sarah and I am a surface designer based in Sydney, Australia. I love creating prints and patterns with bags full of colour, with the intention of helping you sell more of your fab products. I’ve seen my designs in over 1800 stores in Australia – in our major supermarkets. I’ve worked with small independent makers and global companies and I am truly passionate about creating designs to make people smile.

With a portfolio of over 250 patterns and designs there is plenty to choose from. From Christmas to Conversational, Florals to Geometrics, there are lots of options. Alternatively, if you have something specific in mind, I am happy to curate a selection of designs that would be suitable or create a custom design. All designs can be adjusted in scale and colour to suit your product needs.

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I love my designs to have a hand drawn feel, and often start with pen or pencil and paper. I then move my designs digitally, often designing on my iPad, before digitising in Illustrator to make the repeating pattern and add vibrant colours to my designs. Want to see some behind the scenes and recent collabs? Follow Sazerelli Designs on Instagram.

If you would like to see more Valentine’s patterns and designs, please feel free to get in touch today using the form below. I would love to help add some fun and colourful designs to your products.