Services and Pricing

If you are looking for some beautiful designs to make your products pop you have come to the right place! I have a large portfolio of work available for licensing or buyout, if you are interested in viewing please email for access.

If you find something you love, I will ask for further details about the products intended for use & where they are sold, if there are any adjustments to colour or scale and any manufacturing requirements, and I can then provide a fee for use.


Licensing is like renting the artwork. The copyright remains with Sazerelli Designs and a contract is created, defining where (location specific), what for (how many products) and for how long the designs can be used for.

Exclusive – this means the design and motifs are exclusive to your brand for a defined amount of time.

Non – exclusive – this means that the designs can be licensed across multiple brands. Generally they are still exclusive within a category, so there is no overlap of the designs being used for a competitors products.

Licensing agreements are set for a specific amount of time, and can be repurchased at the end of a contact if required.


Buyout is when the design and motifs are exclusively purchased for your brand.


Looking for something in particular? You can email with some information on what you are looking for including –

  • How many designs are required
  • Specifications – ie size requirements, colour mode, colour limitations
  • Timeframe
  • A description on the type of pattern required and inspiration or references.

From there, I will pull together a quote and a contract and more details around the process, revisions and how the artwork will be delivered. The artwork can be purchased as a licence or buy out.


Pricing is depending on a number of factors such as the complexity of the pattern, the type or licence (exclusive, non exclusive or buy out) and the length of time and number of products the design is being used for. The more complex the pattern, the more expensive the quote. I generally group patterns into 3 categories, see examples below –

Simple (for example a spot, stripe or simple motif or layout)

Secondary (single detailed motif or more complex design with 2-4 motifs)

Complex (3+ motifs/more detailed)

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