3 pairs of fun socks!

I’ve always had a thing about socks. The brighter the better. So when I had an opportunity to designs some, I jumped at the chance!

I designed 3 different pairs of socks to choose from –

There is a colourful yellow and orange stripe with peeking black cats. These would also be perfect for colourful witches socks for Halloween!

Theres a French Bulldog with snazzy red glasses.

And a party cats and dogs. Think bows and bowties, top hots and monacles. The labrador is actually drawn from a picture of my sister in laws dog Charlie.

My little pup Branston didn’t make it onto the socks, as they are not a common breed (border terrier) but now I am seeing them pop up more often….in the TV show Colin from Accounts, and I’ve seen a couple on Big W and Kmart websites!

They are currently for sale as part of an Are Media magazine promotion in newsagents around Australia, and even better, 10% of the process are donated to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.

They are only available for a limited time, so if you want to snag a pair, get in quick!

If you love these designs and would like to see some more fun design options for your products, please feel free to get in touch with Sarah. I have a portfolio with over 250 designs, from florals, to geometrics, to conversational prints, there is a wide range to choose from. I would love to chat about your pattern needs and see how to make your products pop on shelf.