Gina B Designs

Hands up who can relate…..everytime you see stationery, there is a need to buy a new notepad. I have a box full, and it doesn’t stop me buying more when I see a cute one. I am a keen list maker so they will always get used…eventually!

So, I am very excited to share my recent collaboration with Gina B Designs on some cute little notepads and greeting cards.

There are 2 notepad styles to choose from – a long thin size, perfect for shopping lists, and a smaller jotter style. There is also a coordinating greeting card with a Sending a Hug sentiment, with my cute little floral design.

These stationery goodies can be purchased directly from Gina B website, or via Amazon. Keep an eye out for them in small stores too, as they wholesale.

You can check out the collection here as part of the summer launch.

If you are a retailer looking to stock some colourful Gina B design, you can get in touch directly or purchase through Faire.

I can’t wait to see the samples and get note making!

I have also recently done a new cute design for Gina B Designs, these sweet autumnal recipe cards, with hand drawn pears, apples and strawberries, and some hand lettering. What a cute way to store your favourite recipes (instead of lots of random pieces of paper (guilty!).

If you love these designs and would like to see some more fun design options for your products, please feel free to get in touch with Sarah. I have a portfolio with over 250 designs, from florals, to geometrics, to conversational prints, there is a wide range to choose from. I would love to chat about your pattern needs and see how to make your products pop on shelf.