Cloth Cuts

I am delighted to share my newest collection release with Michal from Cloth Cuts, a digitally printed fabric company based here in Australia. There are fifteen different fabric bases to choose from and you can check out my designs that are available here. From minky to lycra, linen to muslin, there’s a great choice of bases to choose from.

I have 6 oh so colourful designs available, and they are actually the designs I used when I created my daughters room, in a different colour palette. I thought these designs would be cute for kids, I would love to see the spotty design on a swimsuit, and coordinating shorts in the grid pattern. I need to dust off my sewing machine I think, although I am definitely not brave enough for sewing with lycra.

It’s great to support other small business too, especially here in Australia, so I can’t wait to see what is made with these designs. If you would like to check out the fabrics, you can head to the Cloth Cuts website here

If you love these designs and would like to see some more fun design options for your products, please feel free to get in touch with Sarah. I have a portfolio with over 250 designs, from florals, to geometrics, to conversational prints, there is a wide range to choose from. I would love to chat about your pattern needs and see how to make your products pop on shelf.